Jackson Loves, Vol. 2

A couple of weeks ago, Jackson turned 3 and I can hardly believe it! I know everyone says it, but time has flown by and he is just so big and so much fun. We’re just getting back from our trip to Disney World, so pretty much everything he loves right now is Disney-related but I wanted to talk about a couple of other items we’re using and really loving right now, as well (and you can click the product images above to shop!)

MD Moms Products // I’ve talked about this brand before and especially how much I love their sunscreen wipes. Lately I’ve turned to MD Moms for some help with Jackson’s winter dry skin and we’ve been using their Extreme Dry Skin Rescue cream morning and night (or when needed). In just a day or two, I could already see a big difference in dry spots and that uncomfortable dry flaky skin. It’s not too thick (Jackson hates products that are) and it isn’t greasy at all. You can also use this on eczema patches, but fortunately we haven’t had to deal with that. Another favorite of ours is the All Over Clean products, both the shampoo/body wash and the hand wipes, which I carry with me everywhere. They have no fragrance and are very gentle – win!

Learn to Read Books // Clint and I were early readers and both really enjoy reading, so we’ve been happy to encourage that with Jackson, as well. These little Learn to Read books have been awesome because they include all of his favorite characters and they’re quick and easy, so we can do 2 or 3 before bedtime or throughout the day. They were also great for traveling because they’re just little and lightweight!

Saucony Sneakers // I take Jackson to be fitted for shoes every 2-3 months, almost obsessively. We like going there because they have been able to give us shoes for every level from crawling to walking and now crazy man running all over the place. Lately we’ve been buying a lot of Saucony sneakers and he seems to love them. They come in great colors and fit very well!

Lego Duplo Toys // Jackson got a set of these for Christmas and then another couple of sets for his birthday and they’ve been great. He loves trying to put the sets together and playing with the characters. There are enough pieces for it to be a little bit of work to assemble, but not so many that it is over his head. Also the pieces are a larger than regular Legos, so they’re the perfect size for little learning hands. Now, if only I could find a way to organize them (if you have any recommendations, send them my way!)

Big Hero 6 // This is THE big thing in our house right now! Jackson got to meet Baymax and Hiro at Disney World last week and he was absolutely ecstatic. It’s a super cute movie, if you haven’t seen it.


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