Jackson Loves, Vol. 1


I often get asked, “So, what’s Jackson into right now?” and it is always changing. He is a very active, interested little boy and when he gets into something, it’s always a big deal and we “need” at least a toy and a shirt to represent that new thing. Here’s what he’s loving right now: 

Monsters University // This one is a new/old interest in our house. When we first got the movie a while back, he was super into it but then that interest faded (probably for another Disney Pixar movie), but now it’s back! Oh and just when we thought we were rid of some of the bright plastic toys, the renewed interest in this movie brought back the scare floor. Which reminds me, I need to figure out a new storage solution (so far I’m liking these).

Gap Pocket Tees // Okay, I don’t know that Jackson really loves these, so to speak, but he wears them a lot and I really like them. I buy a lot of Jackson’s clothes from GAP because they tend to fit him really well (I also love Oshkosh and Old Navy for him). These tees are good for layering under a fleece or with a graphic tee over. He’s almost 3 and wears a 2T. Oh and they’re all on sale right now.

Pigeon Series Books // When Santa was looking for a brown book for Jackson for Christmas, he found and brought The Pigeon Needs a Bath! We’re working on reading and this book is cute, entertaining and it’s easy to read along for him. We learned that there are several books in this series and they’re all adorable. Next on the list is: Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late.

Fruit Snacks // While he does love these, they’re not my favorite thing on this list because I know they aren’t exactly the healthiest thing. I should probably pick up some organic fruit snacks or something, although those aren’t shaped like favorite movie characters. I would like to try to make this Weelicious fruit leather as a healthier option.

What are the little ones in your life loving right now?


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