Cristina Re & Tea at TASCHEN

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On our New Year’s trip to Texas, my sisters-in-law, my mother-in-law and I went to a beautiful, delicious and fun tea at the TASCHEN Library at the Joule Hotel. We got to taste three different teas, sip on champagne and snack on the prettiest little snacks. We’re talking lobster mousse sandwiches, deviled egg sandwiches and scones that were so delicious that we all wished we had the recipe.

The TASCHEN Library itself is filled with a wonderful assortment of books, including several I wish I would have purchased for my coffee table, if I would have had enough room (or spare weight) in my suitcase. It was also hard not to immediately notice the beautiful tea cups at each place setting.

Cristina-Re-Flatware Taschen-Library-Desserts

The Cristina Re tea cups and saucers were rimmed in gold and oh-so-fancy! They’re available for purchase on the designer’s website and come in several colors, so you can get a matching set or do a mix and match set, like they do at the Joule. There are also gorgeous signature collection coffee mugs, teapots and some beautiful vintage gold cutlery

I am dying to get set of coffee mugs and cutlery to fancy up my morning coffee and breakfast. I also have to tell you that I was shocked at the price of these pieces, I really expected to see $150 per tea cup. A cup and saucer is $29.95, comes in a beautiful box and is just the thing to add a bit of glam to your favorite hot drink. 


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