Sunday Sales


We had a snowy and cold Halloween this year, but our little Buzz Lightyear hardly noticed and had the best time trick or treating around our neighborhood. This was the first Halloween in our new house (we moved in during early November last year) and we really had a lot of fun handing out candy and having a little post-trick or treating dinner party.

This super chilly morning started a little earlier than usual due to the time change, and as my men settle in for a little iPad (Jackson) and football (Clint) watching, I’m going through our Halloween photos and also doing a little winter shopping. There are a lot of great sales going on this weekend and I’ve already picked up Jackson’s new winter coat and a couple pair of jeans (at 40% off!), along with this cable knit poncho and sweatshirt (on sale!) for myself. I also really want to get started on some boot shopping but my birthday is just a couple of weeks away so I’m trying to hold off till then! 

A few Sunday sales to shop:

Have a great Sunday! 


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