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This month has been a fairly slow month for new beauty products, but I think that is going to be changing soon. It has gotten so much colder that I know I need to make some updates to keep my skin in good shape to deal with the cold outside and the drying heat inside. Ah, winter. 

TULA Skin Care: I’m always interested in trying new skin care brands and I had the chance to try the TULA line this month. The line was developed by Dr. Roshini Raj (who you may see on the Today show from time to time – and she has flawless, gorgeous skin!) and is infused with a probiotic complex. This was a pretty new concept to me, I thought probiotics were just for stomach-related health, but they have very naturally strong benefits for your skin, as well. The products are very well balanced and packed with nourishment for your skin, which you can really feel when you use them.

My very favorite product in the line is the Revitalizing Eye Cream, especially in the morning. It is a nice thick consistency (but not heavy) and is super hydrating, essential all the time but especially in the winter. It also felt like it really did “wake up” my eyes and I could really see a difference in a very short period of time!

Another favorite was the purifying face cleanser. I’m pretty iffy on cleansers and will just pick up something at the drugstore when I run out of whatever I had or whatever I may see first. I think I’ve found a keeper with this TULA cleanser though, it does a really great job removing eye makeup and didn’t make my skin feel tight or itchy at all. I also did like using it with my Clarisonic in the evenings. 

Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head: Speaking of the Clarisonic, which you all know I love and highly recommend, I’ve updated mine recently with a new brush head. I usually buy the replacement brush heads for sensitive to normal skin but when I went to restock, I saw the new radiance brush head so I thought I’d at least give it a try. It’s softer and more plush feeling than the regular brushes, so I wasn’t actually sure it was working as well. My skin feels a little less scrubbed than with the regular brush, but still seems just as clean and polished. I’d probably like to alternate which brush heads I use as I replace them quarterly, and will go back to the regular brush in January to be a little more aggressive with it during the dry winter months, but then radiance again (to brighten up for Spring). 

Aveda Color Conserve Products: Yes, I’m on a pretty major Aveda kick when it comes to my hair. If you recall from a past beauty update, I was using (and liking) this shampoo. My stylist was using the Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner recently at the salon, so I picked up a couple of samples to try at home to see if I liked it as much when I was doing my own hair. I like that the shampoo lathers up really well and rinses easily, and the conditioner is nice and moisturizing but doesn’t leave your hair heavy. It seems that these compliment my styling products (which you can see more of in this post) very nicely and I’m super happy with how my hair has been looking lately!

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