Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

Lately it seems like everyone on my Facebook feed has just had a baby, is waiting for a baby to arrive any day now or announcing their pregnancy. I thought I would share some of my favorite baby shower gifts, and these are also just some of my favorite baby products in general, to give some ideas to those of you who may be in the same situation as me.


The bath bundle: This is probably my favorite gift to give and it works great as a solo or group gift. I love this giving this 4Moms sink tub to start. We had it and loved it for Jackson. He looked comfortable it in and the temperature gauge was really helpful. I like to pair this with a couple of cute hooded towels, a set of washcloths, a rubber duck, grooming set and bath products. As far as bath products go, I usually pick the Johnson & Johnson classics because the smell just is so “baby” and I love it. You can package everything up in the tub in a really cute way and this makes a lovely gift that your recipient will use very quickly after bringing baby home.

Book-BundleThe book bundle: We have read to Jackson since we brought him home from the hospital and, along with being a favorite activity, it has been a wonderful bonding experience for us and I like to pass that along in a gift. I typically share some of the favorite books that we’ve found along the way. We especially like the Eric Carle books (Brown Bear, Panda Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar), Pete The Cat, Curious George and the Llama Llama series. I also think it’s great for kids to have the Dr. Seuss classics, although they’re my least favorite to read. I like to package these in a monogrammed backpack (if you know the baby’s name already), because it’s cute and functional!


Baby-BasicsBaby basics: When you make a baby registry,  you go in thinking you want all these fancy things but it turns out you don’t need those things quite as badly as you think. When I had my baby showers I was surprised at the amount of basics that I got, and they really came in handy. It was really nice to have several bottles of bath products, towels, tons of onesies, socks and pajamas. Then there’s always bottles, burp cloths and swaddle blankets. You have so many new expenses when you have a baby that being stocked on those basics allows you to go get the fancy things you wanted as little splurges here and there. Anyway, the short way of saying it is, these are the “make life easy” gifts that might not be as impressive in a box, but are SO helpful to have. If I’m doing toiletry-type gifts, I like to package them in a Truffle pouch because that is what I like to use. I’ll otherwise pack everything in a box with little tags or a “baby basics” checklist to show what’s inside.


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