Denim Dos


I have a bit of a denim addiction. It’s fine, I’m aware of it but am not particularly interested in doing anything about it – except perhaps buying more. When I was working in an office in Houston, we had a super casual dress code and I could even wear them to client meetings (and often, if I dressed up any more, my clients would ask if I was interviewing for another job because I was too dressy for our industry). So, needless to say, I had every excuse to stock up. I still like to buy a new pair every spring and fall to replace an old pair or just refresh a bit.

Now is a great time to do a little denim refresh because the Denim Event kicks off at Neiman Marcus today (in stores and online) through Sunday and here’s the deal: Buy 1 pair, get $25 off. Buy 2 pair, get $75 off. Buy 3 pair, get $125 off (potentially a free pair!).

Shop my favorite denim trends for fall:

The Skirt // Distressed // Gray // Coated // Relaxed // Printed


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