Summer Saturday


First of all, thank you to everyone for your kind words and support as the blog went through some changes last week! Some of the changes were planned, but most of them were not. Thanks to some help from two amazing ladies (Chloe and Blair!) everything got turned around and I’m really happy with the updates. There is also an upgraded newsletter for the site now, which you can sign up for in the right sidebar. It’ll be the usual daily posts, as you used to get before, but you’ll also get some exclusives including subscriber giveaways and special content – so sign on up!

Wear: One of my favorite things to “just throw on” is a romper. They’re just as easy as a dress, but seem to work a little bit better when it comes to flexibility, which is always what I’m looking for on days of on-the-go toddler chasing. Plus this one I love is on sale!


Eat: I was never one of those girls who was able to do the low-carb or (God forbid) no carb diets. I need carbs or else I get cranky, just ask my husband. When I menu plan for the week, I usually do try to include a pasta night and a few of our recent success have been these zucchini lasagna roll-ups, this spaghetti and homemade tomato sauce (not nearly as intimidating as it sounds) and my favorite made-up at home combination of sautéed yellow peppers, spinach, italian sausage and parmesan with fettuccini.

Read: I was recently introduced to the website bSmart, which is a site designed for women to share their business, stories, advice and favorites. It’s a neat site with a lot of content, and you’re always welcome to contribute your thoughts to encourage and support other women. On that note, have you seen the new Pantene commercial? They make a good point. It really got me thinking of how many times I say “sorry” throughout the day. Yeah, I’m going to stop doing that.


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