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There were several things I loved about going back to school each fall. I loved (and still love) buying school supplies and new shoes and the fresh start of each school year was always exciting and fun. Now as a parent, it’s a totally different experience but maybe even a little more fun to do these things for my son.

Jackson has technically been in “school” all summer, but he will be starting a new classroom when the fall session starts, so we are getting some new things and getting him all ready to go.

Shoes: This is the perfect time of year to head to the shoe store and do a size check. At Jackson’s age (he’s 2 1/2 now), we’re buying new shoes almost every three months to keep up with his growing feet. For back to school, I like a new pair of tennis shoes and a cute pair of casual shoes. Unless we have a specific event coming up, I tend to stay away from buying dress shoes because he’s more likely to grow out of them before getting a single reason to wear.

Jeans: Back to school is also a good time to buy new denim. In our case, Jackson isn’t growing out of his jeans very quickly but he is wearing through them like crazy. My favorite kids jeans are at Gap or Old Navy, because the quality and color options are great and they go on sale pretty often. I try to have at least 2-3 pair, so that they can be rotated for school days. I’m also taking part in this update myself and taking the opportunity to grab some new basic skinny jeans and a gray pair.

Backpack / School Bag: We’re getting past the days of the diaper bag (yay!), so right now I pack up a Truffle pouch with Jackson’s essentials and throw it in whatever bag I’m carrying (lately it is this one). I love using this L.L. Bean monogrammed tote as a back and forth bag for school when we need to take snacks, nap time bedding and a change of clothes to keep there. He doesn’t really need one for school, but I do love these little Beatrix backpacks (and these from Pottery Barn Kids!).

Bathroom Products: I typically do this on an as needed basis, but this time of year is a good excuse to take a look at what’s in your bathroom (or your child’s bathroom) and check expiration dates on medicine, restock things like band aids, bath products and just get organized.

Our routine:
Night before prep: To make mornings as easy as possible, I like to do a lot of prep the night before (more so on Sundays). I make sure school bedding is washed and packed up along with whatever else is needed for the next day. I also try to prep everything for breakfast, including the juice and smoothies I’ve been making lately, and for lunch for my husband (if he needs one that day). I usually try to pull an outfit for Jackson to wear in the morning, as well, but he often has an opinion on which superhero tee he wants to wear so those best laid plans are often thrown aside. When I was working in an office, I would also pack up my work bag, gym bag, my lunch and anything else I needed for errands the next day and get everything by the door so we could just run out in the morning.

At home lessons: Because school isn’t everyday at this point, there are a few little things that we try to work on at home to supplement what Jackson is doing on his school days. There is lots of counting (lately he’s not a fan of 4 and 5, so he just leaves them out), reading and shape/color identification. I try to come up with little crafts for us to do too, and those are always a hit.

Plan, plan, plan: We try to sit down on Sunday night and check our calendars to see what everyone has going on during the week. We also do our best to plan drop offs and pick ups for Jackson, put together a grocery list and really just get on the same page with everything happening that week.

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