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Although it is likely to drive me crazy in a year or so, I’ve become one of those parents who keeps almost everything. My son is at such a fun age and is really enjoying being creative and messy. There is a new topic at school every month, broken down by week, so he brings home lots of cute little art projects. We also go to a weekly story time where we make a craft, and let’s not forget the never-ending collection of stickers and “art” we make at home. One of my favorite things is when, out of nowhere, Jackson looks at me and says “Mommy, I make you art,” and then proceeds to pull out every sticker and crayon he owns to put together a masterpiece.

So let’s put it this way, if Jackson so much as scribbles on a paper or brings home a “painting” from any activity, I write the date on the back and it goes right in a box in his closet. Eventually, I’ll have to organize and edit (read: throw away) the growing collection of his work but right now I’m slightly in hoarder mode. Anyone else have a little bit of an issue with this?

I recently came across one of the cutest ways to keep, and bring to life, your children’s artwork: Child’s Own Studio. Child’s Own Studio makes one-of-a-kind softie toys from children’s drawings – your children’s drawings! Once a year (it just happened in June), a wait list opens and you put your name in to send a drawing to the owner and artist, Wendy Tsao. She then hand makes a softie toy exactly like the drawing you sent in. Her work is really amazing and is such a fantastic gift for your little ones.

Because her work is in such high demand, and she does every single detail herself, Wendy only takes orders once a year but does recommend some other artists in her Softiemakers Showcase. Meanwhile, you can see more work on Facebook and stay tuned for the next wait list to open!



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