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I’ve been on a bit of a workout kick lately and have really been wanting to try some new, more effective ways to get fit than my usual run/walks and lame “lifting” routine. Basically I need something new to keep me motivated. I started out buying new workout gear (my new favorite pants) but I really wanted to start looking at new classes to add more variety to my routine. I get easily bored by workouts, so I like to change it up.  A lot.

Last week I got to try The Barre Code workout at their studio in Birmingham. I love a good barre workout and I had heard particularly good things about this one, when I had the chance to try a class, I took it without any hesitation. The Barre Code used to be Barre Bee Fit and just recently updated their name and branding to better match their message. The Barre Code is all about motivation, mind over matter and some serious positive reinforcement to do your best workout on every visit. I left feeling worked out, good and oh so sore the next day.

I took the Burn class, which is done in a heated room to aid in detoxifying the body and elevating your heart rate – also helping a good bit with flexibility. It had been awhile since I’d taken a heated class but I was quickly reminded why I used to like them so much! The workout was definitely packed with small movement exercises that work your muscles to shaking fatigue, but it ended with a little cardio burst and stretching, which made it feel like a more well-rounded workout – perfect!

The other thing that’s really great about The Barre Code is the variety of classes that are offered. There is the barre class you’d expect, but also classes that are more cardio based with kickboxing or dance elements, and even a bootcamp style class. You’ll also find Baryasa, which combines stretching and Vinyasa flows.

The Barre Code is pretty new and growing so check here to see if there’s a studio near you and give it a try!


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