Summer Saturday #3

Happy weekend! I look forward to weekends so much in the summer because our activities have completely changed as Jackson has gotten older, and has more input, and I love all of the outside time that we’ve been getting. It looks like we may have a bit of a rainy weekend ahead but we’re hoping to have at least enough sun to start using our new grill and make a trip to the pool or park. During the rain, I think we’ll catch up on some new movies and I have a couple of new recipes that I really want to try (last night I made this for dinner and it was so good!).

Wear: I’m really loving espadrilles for a comfy alternative to ballet flats in the warm weather.

Eat: My mom, sister and I are working on planning our 4th of July week/weekend menu and I can’t help but keep suggesting everything s’mores. I made some s’mores cookies a couple of years ago and I’m definitely trying those again. But I’ve also recently pinned these frozen s’mores and s’mores pie. New pins are sure to pop up over the next couple of weeks and you can check out my Food board here.

Read: Are you all signed up for theSkimm yet? It is such an efficient (and entertaining) way to get the news in the morning. I actually read the E-mail before I get out of bed every morning, and usually have a tidbit or two to pass along to my husband while we’re making breakfast. I love being ahead of the game first thing in the morning!

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