Beauty Update: May

With summer coming, I’ve made a few recent updates to my beauty routine and I thought I’d share some new things that I really like. I have pretty normal skin, but the polar vortex winter made my skin so dry that I was reaching for any “deep moisture” product I could get my hands on. I’ve found that lately I’ve been able to lighten up on that, but I’ve also really tried to focus on perfecting my skin.

In the morning I start with a few big splashes of cold water and I’ve been using this Sibu Beauty facial cleanser. It has a little micro particles for a gentle exfoliation and it is nice and refreshing. I’ve been trying the new La Mer Lifting Contour Serum on my face and neck and am loving the results so far. It hasn’t been that long, but I’m already seeing some glow and some lifting. It is an investment product, for sure, but you need so little of it for each application that I think it will last a good, long time. Finally, for skincare, I’ve been using Sjal’s Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil every morning before my moisturizer and foundation. It smells amazing and is just a nice, light layer of moisture that I really feel is making a difference in my skin.

I feel like my hair product search is getting a little easier now that my hair straightening obsession has lightened up a bit. Wearing my hair wavy is so much quicker and easier to do, and it is much less heat for my hair to deal with. So I’ve just started using Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy shampoo and  conditioner to add some moisture to my hair and repair the dryness and heat damage. I find it to be very smoothing and not too heavy, but I do have very thick hair, so my perception of product weight may be a little funky. I also am now getting conditioning treatments every time I color my hair (which is about every 4-5 weeks), and I think that has made a huge difference.

This is becoming a pretty typical summer routine for me: self-tanner + toning. I’m using Jergens Natural Glow Lotion (in fair to medium) and can already tell that it is adding a little bit of color. As for a little toning, I’m using Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil and Clarins Beauty Lift Cellulite Control Treatment, both of which I really like. Now, it has only been a couple of weeks so I’m not sure I’m really seeing major results yet but I do like how they make my skin feel and anything I can do to up the toning and reduce any cellulite is good for me!

So I’ve just added a few new things here, but as summer gets closer, I’d really like to add some light eye shadow shades and bright pops of lip color. I’ve recently started using Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum again and I remember why I used to like it so much. It really does add a nice bit of pop to your lashes. During the day I’m pairing it with Cover Girl Clump Crushers Mascara, which I wear in waterproof to avoid smudging (especially on days that Jackson and I are running around). Finally, I got this YSL Kiss & Blush (in Orange Fougueux) and love the color! You can add more if you want a brighter look, or you can do it in a really subtle shade. I might end up picking up a couple of the pink shades too.

What I’m looking for now: The best eyeliners, especially ones to wear on my lower lash line without smudging; a “daytime” foundation/tinted moisturizer with a lighter finish for at home work days and days with Jackson; and a nail strengthener of some kind, because I just have horribly thin nails that need some work!

I’m going to start trying to share beauty updates like this on a monthly basis, and I hope you all will share some of your favorites too. Any recommendations on products that you all are using right now or things you’re looking for?

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