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The time has finally come for spring vacation or “spring break, woo hoo!” Anyone get the Friends reference there? We watched some reruns this past weekend and it was a good round of laughs. Anyway, I feel like we have been planning this trip forever, so I’m glad that it is finally time to head out for some sun and family time. This is a really exciting trip for us too because we are going to get to meet our little nephew for the first time. He arrived six weeks early back in September and the craziness of the move, the holidays and just everything else going on has made it so we haven’t been able to get to California to meet him, but I hope he’s ready for lots of hugs (and moderate jealousy from Jackson, who likes him via FaceTime but seems a little skeptical of other babies in person).

Because this is a family trip with lots of planned activities and moving parts, packing started a little bit early and definitely requires more work and thought to stay under the 50 pound checked bag limit. And I’m also trying to have enough in our carry-ons to make sure everyone stays happy on the plane and the right supplies in case bags take a little longer to show up – one of my most annoying travel worries, especially with a toddler. The carry-on packing is actually a bit easier this time because I’m now using this Lo & Sons OG bag for my and Jackson’s essentials.

Lo & Sons does a really great job on their website of showing how much you can fit into their totes, so when they offered to send me this one for Jackson and I on this trip, I was really excited to see how well I could make it work for us. I found that the bag is pretty big with lots of good compartments, both inside and out, to keep things organized and separate, as necessary. I also like that the nylon exterior is easy to wipe off and clean, and the pop of color inside is a nice detail. Aside from being a great carry-on, I think this bag is going to be awesome for weekend lake trips and carting around all of my work stuff (cameras, laptop, iPad, etc.), so if you’re looking for something like that, I’d highly recommend checking out the variety of bags over at Lo & Sons (I want this one next).

I got our bag ready (with a few items to add right before we walk out the door) a little early and everything fit comfortably without being too awkward or heavy. So here’s what we’re taking with us:

For fun:

  • Beats by Dre wireless headphones
  • iPad mini (with chargers and such)
  • Crayons and coloring paper
  • Mini books
  • A magazine or two (which I’ll be able to read, with any luck)

For food:

  • Snack container with raisins and Goldfish
  • Healthy snacks for everyone (definitely making these)


Just in case:


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