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Over the last year, and more so in the last several months, I’ve really gotten into a lot of beauty product research. It seems as if, no matter where you look, someone is talking about the importance of taking care of yourself and your skin. I honestly was pretty lucky for a long time when it came to my skin. I used to be able to get away with not washing my makeup off at night, just picking up whatever product I wanted (with no reaction at all) and I wouldn’t break out and I would get compliments on how nice my skin was. When I got pregnant for Jackson, that all changed. I went through the worst time with my skin and really couldn’t do anything about it until I had him and the hormones stopped being crazy. Since then, I’ve gone through bad reactions to products and really trying to define what kind of skin I have these days. Moving from Texas to Michigan also threw me for a bit of a loop and got me back looking for some other skincare options.

More recently, I’ve been looking for a more natural approach to skincare and I came across sjal skincare (sjal pronounced like “shawl”) and was immediately intrigued. When you read the brand’s website, the infusion of precious metals and gemstones can sound a little mythical and magical. I got to speak with sjal co-founder Kristin Petrovich (who co-founded the company with her mom in 2001) and in just a few minutes of her product development explanation and brand philosophy, the mythical element began to disappear and was replaced by a holistic, easy and effective approach to skincare.

The nine products in the sjal skincare line are a combination of the preventative and balancing elements of the East and the biotech science of the West, and that combination creates a very simple, clear regimen that you can modify to fit your lifestyle and routine. It is a very multi-tasking line and a great deal of time, thought and research has gone into each product, so that it is impactful as possible – all of which was incredibly impressive to me. And the research and testing on each product is ongoing so that it stays as updated and effective as it can be. When it came to the “magic” element, Kristin and I talked about the natural vibrations that gemstones and precious metals produce and how they help rebalance your skin through their positive energy.

I also loved talking to Kristin as a mom entrepreneur about finding balance in our lives. Her approach to this was really focused on the basics of taking care of yourself: getting a good night’s sleep, taking vitamins, eating well and trying to fit in what you can (a little exercise, an at home facial a couple of times a week – even as you chase a little one around the house or get some work done). What I loved is how her approach to life mirrors the approach to products: balance, effectiveness and positivity, which left me inspired.

Through everything I learned, this really amazing concept came out and I was excited to have the opportunity to try a few of the products in the line. My favorites were the face oil, cleanser and perfecting mask. The oil has been my favorite so far, because I really felt that it provided a perfectly light moisture layer on my skin. But I love that the cleanser was light but really effective in removing my makeup and my skin also felt instantly better after one use of the mask. The scent of everything is so light (which is important to me), everything felt really luxe and the packaging almost had a modern ethereal feel to it.

Sjal is very kindly offering HSS Feed readers a sample pack of three products plus a beautiful rose quartz. All you have to do is (using the Rafflecopter widget below) like The HSS Feed and sjal skincare on Facebook. Just do so before the end of the weekend and you’ll get an E-mail next week to provide a shipping address for your samples. AND if you purchase through the Sjal website and use the code THEHSSFEED (now through April 30), you’ll also get a gift with purchase of $150 or more. The gift is an amazing pack (valued at $75) and includes a 10mL kashmir mask, 1oz. balans cleanser, 1oz. mineral källa tonic, konjac sponge, saphir concentrate face oil vial card, & an entire set of själ packet samples (great for travel or more to try!). 

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