In My Diaper Bag: For a 2 Year Old

Even typing and re-reading the title of this post, I can hardly believe that I have a two year old. Jackson is such a little man now and is just getting so big! He talks like crazy, asking for things, responding to things with and, my favorite, learning to say “love you mommy and “love you daddy.”

It’s been awhile since I shared some mom stuff and this past week when I was reorganizing my new (and amazing!) Lily Jade diaper bag to meet the needs of a two year old, I thought I’d put together a post to share what I’m carrying with us these days.

What hasn’t changed:
  • Wipes galore: Wipes for handsfaces, noses, sunscreen and of course your conventional diaper wipes, I’ve got them ALL and they’re not going away any time soon. The one set that I did get rid of was the “pacifier wipes” which I used to wipe off toys that got dropped thrown at restaurants, while shopping or somewhere in the car.
  • Change of clothes: I still carry at least a back up shirt for Jackson because he is quite frankly unreliable when it comes to eating cleanly or just getting into something. I don’t mind the mess, but at least I want to be prepared with something new in case he gets wet or dirty. We’re typically toting around superhero or Pixar character shirt, so I always hope that he’ll be happy with what I’ve chosen.
  • The essentials: We always need diapering products, including diapers and a couple of potentially necessary creams. I’m keeping them together with the changing pad in my Truffle pouch, so that it’s easy to grab out (and gender neutral so that Clint can take it too without looking too girly) and run to a bathroom for quick changes on the go.

What’s new:

  • The bag: I have downsized from the GIANT diaper bag I carried for a long time to this really great bag from Lily Jade. Besides the great size and amazing quality of the bag, I love that it has a removable insert for all of your stuff and a strap to wear it as a crossbody, which I’ve found really helpful for grocery shopping or running around at play dates. All of Lily Jade’s diaper bags are actually on sale right now and available in three colors (there are also two other styles, mine is the Caroline).
  • Hair stuff: One thing Jackson definitely got from me is the insane amount of hair he has on his head. I have incredibly thick hair and so does he, so much so that we have regularly scheduled haircuts every 5-6 weeks to avoid him growing a mullet. With hat hair being inevitable in the winter, it has been helpful to have a comb and a little hair product for touch ups here and there. 
  • Mini books: We try to keep things low tech while on the go, except in extreme circumstances like long car rides or general unruliness, so I’ve been carrying around these mini books as a substitute for the iPad. We’ve picked up a couple of sets from the Barnes & Noble bargain shelves with all of his favorite characters and they’re a pretty great distraction. 
  • A few more things for me: I’ve actually started carrying around a little “mom” pouch in the diaper bag with my business cards, planner, some lip color, an extra concealer and a spot for my sunglasses. I don’t carry around an extra shirt for myself anymore because hopefully we’re past that, but worst case, I’ll change when we get home.

2 thoughts on “In My Diaper Bag: For a 2 Year Old

  1. sandy

    I saw your blog on the Lily Jade website. Can you tell me where you got the blue clear pouch? It looks to be so convenient and very useful. Thanks!


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