Hello Reno: The Blue Room

Pretty spaces, pretty spaces. Until you get to the last two photos, right? Well, those are mine, and these photos don’t do justice to the annoyingly bright color of the room. I hate the paint color of this room. Hate. It. I picked it because we have this bedding from Restoration Hardware, which has blue stitching and I thought it might pull the rooms together well.

I was wrong. In my defense, the swatch looked a little bit more gray-blue than blue, but on the walls, it is clearly blue. It is also much brighter than I had hoped and it’s just not going to work – plus the plan is to get new bedding pretty soon and my original plan of coordinating those colors will no longer make sense (thank goodness!). 

So now that we’ve got that little rant out of the way, the big question is what to do with this room, currently considered “the master sunroom.” I think we could go a couple of ways with it. It could be another sitting room. We would add some comfy chairs, a media cabinet and have it be a place that we sit and hang out in the evenings or with coffee on weekend mornings. Not a bad idea, right? Well we have a pretty large living room and another sunroom downstairs, a seating area in the closet (also a part of the master bedroom) plus an upstairs patio right down the hall – so, lots of seating areas, do we really need another one? The other idea I have is that it could be a more formal office space. Build in a window seat on the front window, move the desk upstairs, add a cool rug, artwork and curtains and there you have an office. That one allows for enough seating that we could sit in there and hang out, but also a quiet working space. I’m leaning toward option two, but I’m not 100% sold. What do you think?
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