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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about work. Blog work, marketing work, going back to work, not going back to work and what to wear for any of those things (of course). At this point, I’m really doing a little bit of all of those things and have been seeking some balance between them. While I try to really define my next move, I’ve decided that one thing I need to do is dress for work. I think it is true that when you dress the part, you feel the part and are more productive. Since I’ve been working at home, there are days spent in my PJs or workout clothes and those are my least productive days. So you know what, it’s time to get dressed.

I discovered Of Mercer in this month’s Matchbook Magazine (which, if you haven’t read yet, you should) and was immediately impressed by the brand and had to share it with you. I love that the brand was started by two women who met at business school and were wearing the same dress at their welcome event. And I love that when developing the collection, they took into consideration price, flexibility (can you wear it to work? on the weekend? to a Friday happy hour?) and style. Everything is under $250 and ranges from dresses to blazers and even accessories – all of which mix and match perfectly!

My absolute favorite pieces on the site are the Stanton dress and the Kenmare dress. They may be more on the casual side, but given my work background and current situation, they’re the most appropriate. I could see wearing both for meetings during the week (or outfit posts!) and also to dinner on the weekends. It’s really getting a great quality, super wearable piece at a good price and I’m sold!

Check out the entire line here and let me know your favorites!


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