Gray for Valentine’s Day

I am a big fan of Gray Malin’s work and am really hoping that we’ll find the perfect space in our house to add one of his beautiful photos. What I really love about his work is the unexpected elements like the legs at the Prada Marfa, a pair of llamas with balloons and I saw some penguins (real ones) with pink lawn flamingos on Instagram that hint at what’s to come in the soon-to-arrive Antartica series, which I can’t wait to see.

One of these photos would also make a really fantastic Valentine’s Day gift and there is even a special section set up on the Maison Gray website with some new images from a recent shoot in Kauai, along with some well loved favorites. “Art is forever unlike chocolate and flowers” is so true and I know I would easily pass on chocolate for one of these beauties. Check out the entire Valentine’s Day pop-up shop here.


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