Hello Reno: Closet Inspiration and Update

So, if I’m being honest, officially zero rooms in our new home are finished. That’s right, zero. From what I hear, this is pretty normal and that you’re never truly “finished,” so I’m taking some comfort in that, although that doesn’t really help the controlling and perfectionist part of my personality that wants to Get. It. Done. The closet is on its way to being the first room completely done, or at least mostly done. In our old house (and our apartment before that), we had completely separate closets and while we felt lucky about that and they were good size closets, this thing is practically a whole floor of the house (it used to be an attic) and we’re a bit overwhelmed by it.

While it was always a dream (and what girl doesn’t dream about it), I really never expected to have the opportunity ever in life to have a closet like this – really neither of us did – so we’re planning on approaching this in phases and the cabinet installation was finished last week and carpet installed this week. This is what we’re thinking is the initial installation and we plan on moving into it and seeing how our stuff fits and how we use the space to see what adjustments, if any, we need to make. Now we’ll be searching for light fixtures (sparkly, glam sort of fixtures) and stopping again to see how things look and what we want to do next.

The last two photos are our closet – the before and the most up-to-date photo, although now we have carpet. You’ll see in the last photo that there are two chairs near the window. Those are antiques from my grandfather’s house and we plan to reupholster them, pair them with ottomans (preferably in some sort of hide), a few Stone Textile Studio pillows and also add a bar car to the space, because who doesn’t want a little drink while they’re getting ready? This Society Social cart is the one I want, and I’ll hopefully order in a month or so. I could also see needing to add benches or some additional dresser-type storage down the center because there’s a lot more space than we expected. When we did the cabinet layout with our contractor, we were concerned that it would be like a tunnel up there, but it didn’t quite turn out that way (thankfully).

I’ll post again on the closet once the light fixtures are in and we’ve moved our stuff up there and have it staged the way we’d like it. Then we may address the issue that is the “temporary closet,” otherwise known as the master sunroom, or the horrible blue room (I’ll post a photo sometime when you can really see it well, but I truly picked the worst color for this room!).

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