Outfit Planning with StyleWhile

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It seems like every day I check my E-mail or the postman arrives, there is another invitation, another holiday event with friends, for school or work. As you might imagine, my mind immediately goes to "What am I going to wear?" Like most girls I know, I come up with an outfit in my mind, and then change 10 times after I see it on and don't like it (often times, ultimately ending up wearing the first outfit I tried, but that's an issue for a different day).

Well I was just recently introduced to an iPad app called, Stylewhile, which is a great resource to help answer this question and solve outfit planning problems. The outfits above are a few that I created while doing a little shopping and outfit planning for a couple of things on our calendar next week. You build a model with your body type and you can virtually "try on" clothes and create outfits from great brands including Alice & Olivia, Vince, Tibi and lots more! It's kind of nice (and fun) to test out a few outfits from the comfort of your couch or bed. Then you can share your styles on your social channels and even purchase through the app. This also might come in handy when planning ahead for vacation shopping and making sure you've got everything you need for an upcoming trip!

Download Stylewhile in the App Store.


  1. Seems like such a fun opportunity to create much prettiness!