Weekend Inspiration

This is such an exciting weekend for us because we have finally moved into our new house! So there’s lots of cleaning and organizing on the schedule, along with grocery shopping and working on our unending to do list. The move-in has been a long time coming and to finally be settling in is such a great feeling and we’re really happy.

  • I’ve finally made our New Home Pinterest board open (it has been secret for months), so you can go and check out the inspiration behind this new house. We’ve still got a ways to go, as far as decorating is concerned, but I can’t wait to show more of the major updates we’ve made to the house. 
  • It snowed this week and although it didn’t stick, it was a very cold reminder that winter is on its way here. As I mentioned, I’ve been doing some cold weather shopping. My favorites are these boots, this sweater, this coat and this scarf.
  • Now that we’re in the house (again, yay!), I’m really looking forward to trying out some new recipes in our kitchen. I’d like to get on a bit of a healthier cooking kick and want to try these winter chickpeas and this butternut squash soup, along with a little splurge on this chocolate chip Nutella cake – seriously.
  • What I loved reading on blogs this week: Blair’s weekend wear, Emily’s Burberry wish list, Lauren’s latest recipe and Taylor’s nursery details.
Happy weekend!


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