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When we moved back to Michigan, we were fortunate to have the most peaceful and lovely two weeks to spend up at the lake to relax and begin to discover our new state. One night when we were out to dinner, I took Jackson for a walk to occupy him while we waited for our meals and we discovered what has become one of my favorite shopping destinations, Lake Affect. The lovely ladies from Lake Affect welcomed us in and even showed Jackson the Buddha Board to occupy him while I looked around. And there was so much to see! From a leather wrapped bicycle and handmade leather journals to Lafco candles, Assouline books and a beautiful apparel brand, Trybe.

On that first trip, I could have spent an hour there just looking through everything (sans baby would make it easier). Not because it is a huge space, but because everything in the store is so carefully curated and selected that you want to take a second look. The owners don’t go to trade shows or necessarily buy to the trends, but they fill the store with things that they love and want their customers to love to live with. They want you to come in, stay awhile and have an experience that conveys the lifestyle of the Great Lakes. I felt inspired and reenergized when I left Lake Affect that first time, it became something I obsessed over and told everyone about, and I was so excited to share more of it here.

From the second I walked into Lake Affect, I felt that it embodied the Michigan I was hoping to see when we moved back. And with what you hear about the bankruptcy in Detroit and other negative news about the state, it was nice to see something that seemed to look at and reinforce the positives of our beautiful new home state. I was fortunate to be able to connect with Molly, one of the co-founders of Trybe and owner of Lake Affect, to learn more about how this gorgeous concept came to be. She explained it perfectly in saying that there is something about falling in love with Northern Michigan that makes you more willing to go your own way, more true to yourself, more open for the next adventure and more generous in spirit than before. There is something in the lake infused air that makes you feel happy, connected and inspired. Lake Affect is a thoughtfully created retail experience meant to capture, celebrate and revel in these feelings, this art of lake living. Their offerings are meant to enhance your experience of life on the lakes — Trybe is clothing that fits the easy living vibe of the North and well, it’s made in Michigan.

The Trybe silk cowl neck that I CANNOT wait to own!

Trybe is a new line of women’s clothing designed by the former designer for Vera Wang’s multi-million dollar Simply Vera label (hello fashion cred!). One of the cool things about this new line of luxuriously soft, beautiful and wearable clothing is that it’s being created right here in Michigan through a Michigan corporation called Northcoast Design Group – something I didn’t realize would exist here. The founders believe in Michigan and its future and the idea that the best things in fashion don’t always have to come from New York or Los Angeles. “We think women will be excited to have go-to dresses and separates made in the USA and sold at a price that will surprise and delight. And we are thrilled to be based in Michigan and hope that we can put a spotlight on the energy of the renaissance of our state right now and what we can accomplish here,” said Rebecca Clark, Trybe’s President and lead designer.

Trybe’s asymmetrical jacket for fall
“Trybe is all about an effortless, American made beauty.  We’ve created soft, flattering, classically beautiful and feminine clothes that are accessible to own and sumptuous to wear.  Our credo is “Find your path, take a chance, reveal yourself, love and be loved by your Trybe,” Says Molly, Trybe’s CEO. 

I will continue to obsess and I hope you will too. You can follow Trybe and Lake Affect on Facebook for lots of updates and gorgeous images (Lake Affect’s brand new website is coming SOON!), and be sure to check out the list of retailers to see where Trybe is sold in a boutique near you. 

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