Happiness, Success & Style By: Kristin Clark

I’m so excited to welcome the lovely and talented Kristin Clark from Living in Color Print to the blog today. I finally met Kristin in person at a blog conference a few months back, but I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for awhile. I get inspired by her super cute outfits and the color in her wardrobe (something I’ve been trying to work on!). Not only does this sweet Miami resident have great style but she is also a fellow FSU Seminole! Read on to find out what brings happiness, success and style into Kristin’s life:

I am happiest when…I’m exploring a new place. I absolutely love to travel, and there’s nothing better than sight seeing and exploring a new city: the food, the culture, the local spots, all of it!

Where is your favorite place to relax and where is your favorite place to be productive?

My favorite place to relax would have to be lounging by the water. Whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, it’s a place I truly enjoy taking a deep breathe and just relaxing. I’m in my most productive state when I’m in my (clean) home office, in hand with a to-do list for the day. With so much going on from day to day, prioritizing is key for me to time manage and stay on top of everything.

I daydream about…My dreams and goals to grow my business: new ideas, concepts, expectations, and goals I set for myself. Life is exciting, and having the opportunity to work for myself opens up a variety of doors I never thought possible!

How do you define success? 
Success is so subjective, but for me success is defined as setting goals for yourself that challenge you. Whether it’s regarding business, relationships, or personal goals.

The person I admire most is… 
 My Mommy. She raised me as a single Mother when I was very young and is a constant source of support and stability in my life. As corny as it may sounds, she is truly my biggest fan and supporter, there’s no way I would be the woman I am today without.

What are your wardrobe essentials or go to outfit?

A typical go to outfit for me is a simple dress and tailored blazer. I always feel ladylike, comfortable, confident and put together.

The best style advice I’ve ever received is…
‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ I really take that to heart and think about it frequently when getting ready for the day ahead. Personal style shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it’s still important to dress well and realize that the way to present yourself to the world says a lot about the person to are.

I’m obsessed with collecting/purchasing…
SHOES. I mean what girl doesn’t love a new pair of shiny ponies!? They’re the one thing in my closet that never gets old.

Thanks so much to Kristin for participating in this series! Check out her blog and make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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