I’ve got a crush

Overindulge a little bit over the holiday? Yeah, I’m right there with you (and I’m probably not done yet).  Once the new year hits, I’m going to be ready for a fresh start. One of the ways I’ll be getting that fresh start is by doing a 3-day juice cleanse from Houston-based, Crush Cleanse.

The wonderful people at Crush gave me a one-day cleanse to check out few weeks ago. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that I could make it through a day with zero food. I’m the type who gets just slightly (although some may say slightly is an understatement) cranky if I miss a meal, so I packed some snacks for my cleanse day just in case. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually didn’t need them. The juices were fresh, crisp and filling and, even though it was just one day, I’m positive I can do the 3 days and feel refreshed and ready to take on 2013.

Crush Cleanse is offering HSS Feed readers (in Houston) 10% off of a cleanse from now through February 1. Just mention the code HSSFEED when you order to get the discount. Just E-mail [email protected] to order

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