A Visit to the New Kendra Scott Store

Since I bought this necklace at a boutique here in Houston three years ago, I have been a fan of Kendra Scott. I wore a pair of her earrings to our wedding and now I wear a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace from her line at least a couple of times a week. That’s right, I’m a big fan.
Which is why I was so excited to find out that we were getting not one, but two Kendra Scott boutiques here in Houston. The first one opened just last week and I had the pleasure of being invited to check out the store – and meet the beautiful designer behind the brand!
Trying on some lovely holiday gems at the Kendra Scott store in Rice Village
I walked around the immaculate store with Kendra for a bit and she showed me the awesome new Color Bar, where you can select your item, customize it with the colors of your choice and actually leave the store with it about 10 minutes later. The girls in the store all go to setting school and are trained to create Color Bar pieces so you get that instant gratification of your own bespoke jewelry. The Color Bar is also available on line if you don’t yet have a Kendra Scott store near you.
We talked about the feel of the store and Kendra said she wanted it to be a big space where they could hold events for everything from girls’ night out to birthday and bridal parties to philanthropic events to support the local community. The store itself is sleek and absolutely gorgeous. Kendra explained that she wanted it to have a luxurious feel, but also for people to feel welcome and comfortable enough to reach in to the cases and try on anything – combining that Texas hospitality we all love down here with the chic surroundings. There’s no asking for cases to be opened here, you can try on any and everything!
Creating at the new Color Bar
And try on I did. I had a great time playing dress up with some gorgeous holiday gems and checking out some pre-made pieces from the Color Bar.  I couldn’t leave without these lovely little studs (and thanks to Kendra Scott for these pretty Sky earrings too!). There was also a preview of the Spring 2013 collection (coming in January) filled with light and airy colors with a vintage flair to the design. Really classic-looking pieces that Kendra hopes ladies will keep in their jewelry box and pass down for years to come.

If you’re in Houston, keep an eye out for upcoming events at the boutique and make sure to add it to your list when you’re planning for holiday gifts and gems to dress up your holiday ensembles. Not in town? Shop the Color Bar and the latest collection online here.


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